Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions are appropriate and available for people of all ages, backgrounds, religions and abilities.  Sessions provide a safe and loving environment in which to travel deeply into yourself, exploring the vastness of the inner landscape, and the many layers and systems of the body.  Beginners with no yoga experience are welcome, as are more seasoned practitioners looking to deepen their sadhana (practice).  

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Open Yoga Classes

Birthing Mama® Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Classes

Weekly prenatal yoga and postnatal/parent & baby yoga classes with Corinne are offered at Yoga Center Amherst. AND once/year we will offer the Birthing Mama® 90 Hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 

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Yoga Circles to Honor the Sacred Phases of Life

Every phase of life brings with it a sacred inner experience that longs to be seen, held and honored.  Held within the container of all that yoga offers, together we create a ceremonial circle that deeply honors your current life phase.  A circle may contain yoga philosophy, breath work, meditation, prayer, stillness and movement within postures, creating sacred space, poetry, music and any other element that speaks to your heart

These circles are appropriate for:

  • coming of age
  • significant birthdays
  • marriages
  • anniversary's
  • pregnancy and pre-birth mother blessing
  • postpartum/crossing to the "other side"
  • pregnancy loss
  • honoring a death of someone you love


Rates for Yoga Circles 

Please arrange a consultation in order to create the environment, sequences and content that are most appropriate for your group.

  • $25/hour Consultation Fee
  • $100/hour for up to 30 people
  • For over 30 people there is an additional charge of $3.00 per person.

Speak with me about sliding scale if there is a financial hardship.