Shraddha Yoga

YOGA: Union with Self and All

SHRADDHA : Faith, devotion, trust, surrender, confidence, attentive awareness, pure love

This site offers you classes & services to support you as you walk the path of healing and awakening.  

Infusing all of Life with the Divine.

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Yoga with Corinne

The teachings and practices of yoga and other spiritual paths are deeply healing and transformational for all the stages of ones life. Beginning with pregnancy and continuing throughout old age, Corinne offers private sessions, group classes and special events to support you in your place of life and personal awakening. 

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Birthing Mama Yoga

Birthing Mama Yoga is a collaborative partnership between Corinne Andrews and Arden Sundari. They love to serve women and families in the child-bearing years and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their classes.

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Birthing Mama ~ Prenatal Yoga And Wellness

Through the forum of an online holistic pregnancy companion for weeks 14 - 42 and 6 hours of prenatal DVD's, Birthing Mama is designed to be your companion during pregnancy, giving you valuable tools and support to connect deeply to the sacred process of pregnancy and childbirth. 

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