Private Sessions

Sessions may include the following:

  • Asana (postures)
  • Pranayama (breathwork)
  • Dharana (meditation)
  • Guided Remaxation
  • Hands-On Touch/Energy Work
  • Shiatsu Bodywork
  • Developmental Movement
  • Embodied Anatomy
  • Devotion, Prayer and Mantra
  • Take-Home Practices
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Ayurvedic suggestions
  • Yoga Philosophy and Recommended Reading
  • Pregnancy & Birth Support
  • Postpartum & Birth Experience Processing Support

Available by appointment  

Cost for Private Sessions - Sliding Scale $60-$100 - now available on zoom during this pandemic

Private Yoga Sessions

What can I expect from a private yoga session?


Private Yoga Sessions are appropriate and available for people of all ages, backgrounds, religions and abilities.  Sessions provide a safe and loving environment in which to travel deeply into yourself, exploring the vastness of the inner landscape, and the many layers and systems of the body.  Beginners with no yoga experience are welcome, as are more seasoned practitioners looking to deepen their sadhana (practice).  

Within each session you can expect to find a sweet, warm, nurturing, loving, playful, and caring atmosphere where you are met, seen, listened to and accepted for who you are.  Private sessions differ from group classes in that they focus specifically on you and your individual needs and desires.  It is a wonderful way to address concerns and gain support for challenges that affect the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual levels of our human being.

There are three different types of sessions to choose from

These sessions address specific concerns, problems, or questions.  We will use all aspects of yoga to look at, feel into, and inquire about your focus of choice.  We will explore the underlying patterns that feed imbalance, such as compulsive or habitual behaviors, postures, lifestyle choices and nutrition.  We will then formulate a practice that you can take home to support your health and/or healing process.   Every health concern holds transformational potential, and our goal will be to leverage this kinetic energy in service of your personal evolution.

These sessions offer opportunities for beginners to explore yoga with guidance in a safe and playful environment, or for regular practitioners to deepen their relationship to the Eight Limbs of yoga.  We will explore your personal intentions and goals, develop a series of postures that can be practiced regularly at home, and implement modifications that will ensure you are practicing safely and getting the most out of every practice.  Subsequent sessions will be used to review the postures and make adaptations as needed, investigate nutritional and lifestyle choices to support your yoga practice, and explore your inner landscape.

Couples yoga can be a time for joining in play, as well as a profound and intimate way to connect deeply or move through communication barriers within a relationship.  These sessions begin with an opportunity for each person to align with their own breath and intentions.  Couples are then guided through some slow, seated postures and breathing practices designed to activate awareness of the self and enhance sensitivity to each others’ needs.  Each session is created to fit the individual couple’s specific requests and goals.  Regardless of the practitioners’ abilities, we will always focus on breathing, the ability to give and receive, trusting each other, and the experience of being seen, heard, and held.

10 good reasons to schedule a private yoga session:

  • You're a beginner and you want to get started in yoga without being overwhelmed or intimidated by a group class
  • You want to go to the next level in your practice or work more in-depth
  • You have injuries (back, knee, shoulder, etc) or health concerns (women's issues, stress, arthritis, chronic headaches, insomnia, etc)
  • You want to work toward a specific physical goal such as increased flexibility, balance, or strength; target problem areas like tight hips or hamstrings or weak knees; or increase your agility and mental focus in a particular sport or activity
  • You want to add yoga to your weight-loss or strength-training program
  • You are looking for a way to relax, breathe, de-stress, quiet your mind and bring balance and healing to your whole being
  • You want support to create personal time and space to explore your inner world
  • You want to learn more about your social/emotional self—gaining awareness without judgment
  • You want to learn more about your body—how movements are supported, what causes chronic aches and disorders, the relationship between the body and the mind
  • You want to give someone you love a beautiful gift

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