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Birthing Mama® Prenatal Yoga and Wellness: Local Classes

 Our children are our greatest spiritual teachers and they begin teaching us the moment of conception and for many in the years of trying to conceive.  I love to serve women and families in the child-bearing years and I bring a wealth of personal knowledge and experience to these classes.  See the Birthing Mama offerings below and of course check out my ONLINE holistic pregnancy program -

 Birthing Mama® Prenatal Yoga and Wellness 90 Hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training!  Level 1 and Level 2 dates are posted for 2019/2020  Click HERE for details.

Prenatal Yoga & Labor Readiness Class

For many women, the birthing time is one of the most transformational periods of their lives.  Come tune in to the innate wisdom of your body and soul, and connect with other expectant mamas.   Using a yoga therapy approach you will reduce physical discomforts associated with pregnancy, build strength and flexibility, learn breathing techniques to relax the mind and tools helpful for labor and birth. You are welcome to join the class in any stage of pregnancy and with any fitness level. If you have a history of miscarriage, or have had trouble conceiving, please consult with your caregiver to determine the best time to join.  Private Sessions are also available for prenatal yoga, conscious conception/fertility yoga, birth support/birth doula.

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In addition to local classes, subscribe to Birthing Mama® ~ ONLINE Holistic Pregnancy Program, which includes 30 prenatal yoga videos (over 6 hrs of video!), 6 audio guided meditations, 3 audio recordings of live prenatal yoga classes and over 150 pages of inspirational writings, developmental benchmarks, nutrition and herbal recommendations and recipes, self care suggestions and creative projects.  Visit to receive the first week free.

 For those of you who can't make it to the wednesday class in Amherst, I highly recommend Arden in Northampton
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Parent & Baby Yoga Class

The first few months of your baby’s life is a precious time.  This class offers an opportunity to bond with your baby and other new parents, nourish yourself and discover tools to support you in the parenting journey. All practices promote postpartum healing and wellness in an atmosphere that encourages sharing challenges and joyful discoveries as a parent. Babies are gently and safely incorporated into the class through partner poses and practices that comfort and support their optimal development. Nursing, walking, bouncing, changing diapers and soothing fussy babies are perfectly normal in this space.   I also offer Private Sessions for postnatal yoga and birth experience processing.

Every Tuesday 10:45-12:00 at Yoga Center Amherst


Little Kids Yoga Class, aka Toddler Yoga

This specially designed yoga class for toddlers & pre-schoolers (ages 20 mths – 5yrs), and their adult caregivers brings everyone together to join in the yoga fun. We begin with a welcoming circle, quiet breathing time, move to a musical sun salute and then take an imaginary guided journey. Our journey will use themes such as “the jungle” as we discover yoga postures. We close with finishing postures, relaxation and a simple song or music. This developmentally appropriate class fosters a sense of body connection, self awareness and the celebration of community.



A mother-blessing is a ceremony designed to honor and affirm the mother-to-be. Friends and loved ones gather to give support and encouragement as she anticipates the onset of labor and the adventure of welcoming a new life into the world and as she crosses over the threshold into motherhood.

Each ceremony is unique and designed in collaboration with the mother-to-be, drawing from the aspects of life that bring her inspiration, strength, courage, and hope.  We can include elements of religious or spiritual traditions, nature, poetry, and art.  Most ceremonies include commitments by those in attendance to light a candle and/or say a prayer or affirmation when they receive word that labor has begun so that there is a community up-holding the woman, newborn and their family.

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~ Prenatal Yoga for Couples Preparing for Birth ~ 
A workshop to join together in confidence and comfort

Taught by Corinne and Matthew Andrews

Many couples design a birth plan, but few create a shared vision that will support them in joining together no matter how the birth unfolds. Our workshop offers an opportunity to co-create just such a vision and align with each other so you are working together and “on the same team”. This includes privately exploring individual and shared hopes, assumptions, fears and expectations about birth, as well as learning practical techniques to increase comfort and strength. You will connect with other couples also preparing for birth, and practice touch, massage, breathing, sounding, and couples yoga postures, giving you a chance to see what practices most resonate with your vision.  This workshop is an ideal supplement to traditional childbirth education classes

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