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The Heart Knows Love

Corinne Andrews - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 | Comments (0)


The Great Work, by Hafiz

Love is the great work,

Though every heart is first an apprentice.

That slaves beneath the city of light.

This wondrous trade

This magnificient throne your soul is destined for, you should not have to think much about it.

Love is the great work.  

In the midst of what is happening today, both nationally and globally, this poem is a beautiful one to remember.  At a time when many are afraid, angry and anxious about the future, can we choose love.  Not love that falls into puddles of mush on the floor, rather love that is wrapped in wisdom, truth and integrity.  The kind of love that brings us closer to our truest Self and voice.  The kind of love that propels right and clear action into our daily lives when we are interacting with others.  The kind of love that says, I will try to take less so you can have more - that says, essentially we are all kin here on this earth for a short time and thus the hate crimes and the violence (small and large) must be ceased.  The kind of love that makes us re-shape how we are living, what we are judging, how we are emotionally re-acting and how we are keeping ourselves separate from one another. 

And while it is simple to choose love, its also complicated.  It means being very clear and honest with ourselves in each moment.

Every moment we can check in to see if what we are feeling or saying is adding to unity or further division.  In our everyday  moments, we can make space to feel what we feel - be real and be with whatever it is that we are feeling.  Then we can make space inside ourselves to connect with what is nourishing, light-filled and comforting.  Then we can choose love as the guide.  Choose love to be the guru and have the humility to know that our hearts are learning and growing everyday, like children, to become a member of the great work of LOVE.

Choose to make love the work that you commit to in your unique way, every moment, each day.