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Making Decisions from Your Heart

Corinne Andrews - Thursday, December 15, 2016 | Comments (0)

Throughout life we are always being asked to make decisions.  Sometimes small and simple, sometimes huge and complex. As mothers, we are asked to make decisions on behalf of our children.  It's one thing to have to choose for yourself, and it is a whole other thing to have to choose for someone else - especially when we really want to choose what will be the most highest and right thing for this precious person.

TRY THIS: The next time you are faced with making a decision for yourself or a beloved child, family member or friend (can be anything – small or big)....

Close your eyes and settle into your breathing and your body.

Hold the two choices in your awareness.

Look at them both, breathe into both choices, and consider talking out loud to your higher self or the greater spirit, which holds us all.  Explain the two choices and ask for guidance.

Try not to hold on to all the passing thoughts and various people’s opinions that may be moving through your mind.  Stay centered on your breath and ask for guidance.

Wait patiently to receive an answer from the depth of your own being. You WILL hear the answer in due time, if not right away.

Go back to your breath, and especially the spaces in between the inhale and exhale.  There is so much to be found within the space between breaths, between thoughts and between the busy moments in life.  Trust what comes to you through your intuition and move forward.

Click HERE for an audio recording of a meditation for making decisions from your heart.