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Heart-Mind-Body Connection in Pregnancy

Corinne Andrews - Wednesday, April 06, 2016 | Comments (0)

Pregnancy offers an opportunity for you to become increasingly aware of how you relate to your own body. For many, this may involve facing some powerful and persistent inner beliefs about body image. By acknowledging these beliefs, you can begin to heal them and journey towards self-acceptance. Perhaps burning old pictures that tie you to unhealthy times in your life or writing down statements about how you used to feel about your body and burning those papers could help to set the past free.

Remembering the awesome fact that your body is capable of growing the human being that will be your child may also help bring an air of appreciation and reverence towards your body.

Learning to love yourself for who and what you are is an important preparation for motherhood and can help you to bring these same values to your children through your own embodiment of them.