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Introducing Eco Femme

Corinne Andrews - Sunday, March 18, 2018 |
Over the years I have come to see and experience the large amount of shame and judgment women have around their bodies and the bodies of other women. It’s a cultural problem, rooted in the lack of deeply knowing that our bodies are sacred temples. It’s a problem I see in various expressions all over the world. However, these days we see many movements to reclaim and re-sanctify the rituals that women go through throughout the life cycle to help support us in loving and sanctifying our bodies. Birthing Mama (http://www.birthin Read More

Yoga Nidra to Promote Deep Relaxation

Corinne Andrews - Thursday, May 25, 2017 |
Personally, I found pregnancy and motherhood to be very exhausting. Especially those first five years of the postpartum time. Yes, you heard me...5 years is what I consider to be the postpartum phase! Seated meditation became harder than before having kids because my nervous system was frayed, my back hurt, and I was so tired. Yoga Nidra became a life saving practice for me during those years. It is a practice I return to over and over again now that my kids are older and I'm out in the world working more. Yoga Nidra is a pra Read More

Making Decisions from Your Heart

Corinne Andrews - Thursday, December 15, 2016 |
Throughout life we are always being asked to make decisions. Sometimes small and simple, sometimes huge and complex. As mothers, we are asked to make decisions on behalf of our children. It's one thing to have to choose for yourself, and it is a whole other thing to have to choose for someone else - especially when we really want to choose what will be the most highest and right thing for this precious person. TRY THIS: The next time you are faced with making a decision for yourself or a beloved child, family member or friend (ca Read More

The Heart Knows Love

Corinne Andrews - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 |
The Great Work, by Hafiz Love is the great work, Though every heart is first an apprentice. That slaves beneath the city of light. This wondrous trade This magnificient throne your soul is destined for, you should not have to think much about it. Love is the great work. In the midst of what is happening today, both nationally and globally, this poem is a beautiful one to remember. At a time when many are afraid, angry and anxious about the future, can we choose love. Not love that falls into pu Read More

Inside A Name

Corinne Andrews - Thursday, August 11, 2016 |
All living and non-living beings, places and things have a name. It’s so ordinary that perhaps you haven’t thought much about what goes into a name, unless you have a had the personal privilege to name someone or thing. What's interesting about a name is that there is a whole depth of meaning hidden within. In addition to the name’s meaning and all the stories the name carries, it also carries a specific vibration. All sound carries vibration and thus the chosen letters will have a tonality that in and of themselves, express somet Read More

Corinne is interviewed by Janine Murphy, RYT

Corinne Andrews - Wednesday, July 20, 2016 |
Recently I had the pleasure of participating in an interview with Janine Murphy, whom I met during an advanced prenatal yoga teacher training last summer. In this interview Janine asks me a few different questions, including the topics of prenatal and postnatal yoga, postpartum depression and anxiety, and one daily tip for living. The interview is about 30 minutes long and in my humble opinion gets better as it goes on, as we energetically settled into comfort and ease. Hope you enjoy listening and I'd love to hear any comments or feedba Read More

The Ashram Within, During Pregnancy and Beyond

Corinne Andrews - Friday, June 24, 2016 |
By Corinne Andrews. A version of this article previously appeared on Recovering Yogi ( When I was 20, I discovered the practice and study of yoga. I surrounded myself with its teachings and eventually became certified as a yoga teacher. I read yoga books and listened to yoga music and wore yoga clothes and spent at least three hours a day meditating, breathing, and dancing through postures. I loved the entire yogic lifestyle, and I loved the depth-seeking aspirat Read More

An Inspirational Quote for April

Corinne Andrews - Friday, May 27, 2016 |
“Intuition is the language of my soul. I have an innate profound sense of inner knowing and I trust that I have the ability to clearly discern and make choices from this place within myself.” – Unknown  Read More

Heart-Mind-Body Connection in Pregnancy

Corinne Andrews - Wednesday, April 06, 2016 |
Pregnancy offers an opportunity for you to become increasingly aware of how you relate to your own body. For many, this may involve facing some powerful and persistent inner beliefs about body image. By acknowledging these beliefs, you can begin to heal them and journey towards self-acceptance. Perhaps burning old pictures that tie you to unhealthy times in your life or writing down statements about how you used to feel about your body and burning those papers could help to set the past free. Remembering the awesome fact that your  Read More

How can Prenatal Yoga support my pregnancy?

Corinne Andrews - Tuesday, April 05, 2016 |
Pregnancy is a time of monumental transformation. How can Prenatal Yoga support you during this incredible journey? Physical Body: Your body is stretching from the inside to make room for a second human to share the space within, and your organs are being displaced to accommodate your new roommate. Symptoms from sciatica to nausea to varicose veins can make physical existence uncomfortable. While pregnancy is a joy and a miracle it also comes with discomfort. Yoga directly addresses common physical discomforts through postures that  Read More