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We are so excited to announce the birth of the new book Birthing Mama published with Storey Publishing!




Prenatal Yoga and Wellness Online Program
- Available Only Until September 25th 


Calming your mind, easing anxiety and fear around pregnancy, birth and motherhood
Cultivating intuition, empowerment and inspiration to create a positive birth experience and connecting to the Divine Mother
Eating delicious meals and snacks that provide the important prenatal nutrients
Lighting your creative fire, connecting to the new life growing within and enjoying nourishing self care practices
Warding off postpartum anxiety and depression with the ancient wisdom of yoga practices and philosophies for daily living.
Daily Access to 9 audio meditations, 30 yoga practice videos and over 150 pages of written material from a source you can trust
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Also Available Online...
  • 9 Guided Meditations & Relaxations for Pregnancy
Manage stress, connect more deeply to yourself and your growing baby and bring yourself to the present moment with these audio recordings by Corinne Andrews. Available to buy individually or as an album.
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  • Join the Birthing Mamas Facebook Group
You are warmly welcomed to join our private Facebook group called Birthing Mamas, where we can ask questions and share with one another more deeply.
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  • Birthing Mama® Teachers
Take note of the wonderful Birthing Mama Teachers and Offerings:
Kirsten van der Bill - prenatal yoga and lead teacher of 2020 PYTT
Bethany Jewell - prenatal yoga

Provides families in the Pioneer Valley with local important contacts as well as a wider network of important websites and highly recommended books for women and families living elsewhere.
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Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Classes
Prenatal Yoga
In our weekly online and local in person classes, you will reduce physical discomforts associated with the various stages of pregnancy, build strength and flexibility, learn breathing techniques to relax the mind and tools helpful for labor and birth. You are welcome to join the class in any stage of pregnancy and with any fitness level.
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Postnatal Yoga ~ Parent/Baby Yoga
This class offers an opportunity to bond with your baby and other new parents, nourish yourself and discover tools to support you in the parenting journey. Nursing, walking, bouncing, changing diapers and soothing fussy babies are perfectly normal in this space. We also offer Private Sessions for postnatal yoga and birth experience processing.
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Yoga Teacher Trainings: 100hr In-Depth, 200YTT, Prenatal Yoga & Wellness
90-hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
This training will prepare you in body, mind and spirit how to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga classes and the material presented is just as useful for one-on-one sessions with your doula, midwife or private yoga clients. Of course pregnant women also warmly welcome!
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This 90-Hr Training is also available to come to YOU! Do you have a yoga or birthing center and want to bring this dynamic training to your community?
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100-hr In-depth Study & 200-hr Embodyoga® Teacher Training
For all those who want to dive deeper into the practice and lifestyle of yoga for themselves and begin the journey of inspiring and teaching yoga to others. Increase self-knowledge, acceptance and love through “embodied-inquiry”, asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophical study. Our Embodyoga® programs are well-rounded, in-depth studies of yoga with an emphasis on personal embodiment as the basis for becoming a yoga teacher.
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Praise for Birthing Mama®
Thanks Corinne, for creating Birthing Mama®, I signed up right away! What wonderful and amazing work! Women are going to just love this! It's professional, deep and intriguing, loaded with useful and pertinent info.
Monique Gauthier, midwife
Birthing Mama® is full of restorative treats for mind, body and spirit. I can’t wait to be pregnant again so that I can play even more with all of the amazing resources for creativity and self care in Birthing Mama®!
Jennifer Cayer, Faculty Member at New York University
If I were a new mom today, Birthing Mama® is the first place I'd look to for an online pregnancy program.  Corinne's combination of the weekly six gems has it all.  But what makes this program unique is its framework of yoga and mindfulness.  These practices may be the best birth preparation there is!
Peggy O'Mara
Corinne has put together such a comprehensive map I almost feel she is predicting what I am feeling in each week. This program feels like having the loving wisdom of a good friend at your finger tips.  A friend who has all the important knowledge of a doula, yoga teacher and mother.
 Lydia Sivel-Irons
I drew greatly upon the sounding techniques. Understanding and knowing which vocals would bring the baby down fueled my confidence in the opening phase. Thank you for the work you do...my homebirth was beautiful.
The latest from the Birthing Mama® Blog

Introducing Eco Femme

Corinne Andrews - Sunday, March 18, 2018 |
Over the years I have come to see and experience the large amount of shame and judgment women have around their bodies and the bodies of other women. It’s a cultural problem, rooted in the lack of deeply knowing that our bodies are sacred temples. It’s a problem I see in various expressions all over the world. However, these days we see many movements to reclaim and re-sanctify the rituals that women go through throughout the life cycle to help support us in loving and sanctifying our bodies. Birthing Mama (http://www.birthin Read More

Yoga Nidra to Promote Deep Relaxation

Corinne Andrews - Thursday, May 25, 2017 |
Personally, I found pregnancy and motherhood to be very exhausting. Especially those first five years of the postpartum time. Yes, you heard me...5 years is what I consider to be the postpartum phase! Seated meditation became harder than before having kids because my nervous system was frayed, my back hurt, and I was so tired. Yoga Nidra became a life saving practice for me during those years. It is a practice I return to over and over again now that my kids are older and I'm out in the world working more. Yoga Nidra is a pra Read More

Making Decisions from Your Heart

Corinne Andrews - Thursday, December 15, 2016 |
Throughout life we are always being asked to make decisions. Sometimes small and simple, sometimes huge and complex. As mothers, we are asked to make decisions on behalf of our children. It's one thing to have to choose for yourself, and it is a whole other thing to have to choose for someone else - especially when we really want to choose what will be the most highest and right thing for this precious person. TRY THIS: The next time you are faced with making a decision for yourself or a beloved child, family member or friend (ca Read More

The Heart Knows Love

Corinne Andrews - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 |
The Great Work, by Hafiz Love is the great work, Though every heart is first an apprentice. That slaves beneath the city of light. This wondrous trade This magnificient throne your soul is destined for, you should not have to think much about it. Love is the great work. In the midst of what is happening today, both nationally and globally, this poem is a beautiful one to remember. At a time when many are afraid, angry and anxious about the future, can we choose love. Not love that falls into pu Read More